Ceramic Workshop (2x2h): Tea Bowl

Cathy Deprez is not a therapist but she has been trained to art therapy à l'UMONS, Belgium and as an artist she invites you to experiment your creativity. Not only with the different types of clay, but also with simple and fun decorative techniques.

In this two-part workshop, Cathy will help you make 2 tea bowls using the pitching technique. She will briefly teach you about the history of the bowl. After a few hours drying time (min. 6 hours), the pieces are ready to be decorated. Let your creativity take over!

4-hour workshop

A meditative moment for yourself. A re(connection) to yourself and a strong feeling when you realise that you are capable of making a sculpture. 

Workshop in 2 phases to enable the clay to dry and facilitate sculpting the second day. Friday 23/2 6.30pm and Saturday 24/2 11am (EUR 135 is for the 2 days, 4h).

Feel free to join for one session. This is possible. We however can not guarantee that you will be able to decorate your bowl.

Registration required: https://www.subtile.style/event/clay-art-expression-workshop-by-cathy-deprez/

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Ticket, 4h tea bowl ceramic workshop, 4h atelier creation de bols à thé en céramique 135 €


Ceramic Workshop (2x2h): Tea Bowl in Bildern

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