Art Exhibition Imaginary Shapes

Book your agenda and get amazed by the power of colors and shapes with Alvaro Marzan, a Spanish artist living in Luxembourg.

Since his arrival in Luxembourg, Álvaro Marzán has participated in numerous collective events such as the Intro – Painting 2.0 (Galerie Beim Engel), several editions of KonschTour (Vianden), Troc’n’Brol (Rotondes) and Sand- Box8 to name but a few.

In 2018, he was granted the “statut d’artiste” by the Ministry of Culture and worked as a guest artist at Schläiffmillen, Artist’s Residence (2019-2020). In 2020, he presented his first solo exhibition (Kulturhaus Niederanven). In 2021 he was appointed associate artist of neimënster, participated in a creative residency with the support of the Neistart grant and presents his exhibition Space and Desire.

Alvaro, initially polytechnician, has then been graduated from the Beaux Arts Complutense of Madrid. His background has certainly influenced his constructive approach of his art. Recalling the gentleness and fantasy of childhood, the organically shaped compositions seem to tell us fantastic stories. Animals are recurrent in Alvaro s work often in the form of imaginary creatures. He seeks to understand the primitive and primordial energies through his paintings which are deeply buried in every living being and who modulate and transform our relationship with reality.

For this exhibition, Alvaro proposed a mix of oil paintings, watercolours and sculptures.

Visible from 19/5 but official vernissage opening on 25/5 @6pm.

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Subtile Showroom-Gallery
21A Avenue Gaston Diderich


Art Exhibition Imaginary Shapes in Bildern

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