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Physics Colloquium: Tunable electronic structure and correlations in quasi-freestanding MBE grown MoS2 and Ta2



Université du Luxembourg - Campus Limpertsberg
162a avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 - Luxembourg


Mittwoch 01.04.2020
16h00 - 17h30

Über die Veranstaltung

Two dimensional layers of transition metal dichalcogenides are a playground for electronic structure physics, as the latter displays a great material dependent variety, is tunable by layer thickness as well as environment, and last but not least because correlations are strong due to the weak screening in 2D dimensions.
A two-step molecular beam epitaxy synthesis using graphene on Ir(111) as a substrate and with elemental sulfur enables the in situ growth of mono- and multilayers of the transition metal disulfides
MoS2, TaS2, WS2, Nb2, and VS2 in excellent quality. The cleanness and marginal substrate interaction makes it possible to conduct spatially resolved spectroscopy of layers in their pristine state with the scanning tunneling microscope.
We access new phenomena, otherwise hidden through the interaction with their environment. These include the realization of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid hosted by straight one-dimensional cavities provided by mirror twin boundaries in MoS2, quantization of the conduction band states due to band bending next to such mirror twin boundaries or near island edges, as well as a tuning of the charge density wave in TaS2 layers through doping and substrate interaction.

Since 2006 Thomas Michely is professor for experimental physics at the II. Physikalisches Institut of the University Cologne. He is born 1961, studied physics and philosophy at the University Bonn, has been working at the Research Center Ju?lich (until 1997) and at RWTH Aachen (until 2006). He investigates growth, structure, defects and electronic properties of surfaces, clusters, and 2D-materials mainly with STM and related spectroscopy

Speaker: Thomas MICHELY

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Université du Luxembourg - Campus Limpertsberg

162a avenue de la Faïencerie

38697 - Luxembourg