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CeCiL's BOX by Marc Buchy



Cercle Cité
Place d'Armes
L-1136 - Luxembourg


Von Freitag 14.02.2020 am Sonntag 31.05.2020

Über die Veranstaltung

The work Conditionnel Pre?sent, presented as photographic documentation, involves extending the lifeline on a volunteer's hand with an incision, a gesture of scarification leaving a scar on the skin. In doing this, the artist is mixing chiromancy (foretelling the future by studying the lines on the hand) with transhumanism (a contemporary movement that promises the abolition of old age, illness and death). This image, on the scale of the human body, lends itself to multiple readings, confronting esoteric beliefs on the one hand and the absolute belief in science and its rationalisation on the other.

Work originally presented at Frac Grand Large – Hauts-de-France
(The artist would like to thank Martine qui pique and Joséphine Desmenez.)

7/7d 24h/24, rue du Curé, Luxembourg

Opening : 14.02.2020 à 12:00.

# cecilsbox

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Cercle Cité

Place d'Armes

38496 - Luxembourg