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A Magical Butterfly


Von Donnerstag 21.09.2017 am Donnerstag 14.12.2017
19h00 - 20h00

Über die Veranstaltung

 We will work different combinations of steps to gain control in our legs and hips, paying special attention on hip movements commonly present inTahitian dance All techniques learned will be used and practiced in dance compositions. This dance style is an effective exercise to train waist, hips, thighs, legs and seat, given that it contains a great variety of hip movements realized by flexing the knees. The dance itself represents an intense cardio workout.

All of this  is a fantastic and cozy space with dim light and candles,creating an intimate atmosphere for senses and body. Neither age limitation is imposed nor previous experience is required, just come to dance!

Only for women. Limited places due to the space (Registration required to join a trial class) - Registrations and more info:
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A Magical Butterfly

- A Magical Butterfly