Press Release: Luxembourg City Tourist Office organises its 6,666th guided tour of 2016


On Tuesday 6th December the Luxembourg City Tourist Office (LCTO) welcomed the 6,666th guided tour group for 2016 to Luxembourg City in the presence of Mr. Marc Angel, President and Mr. Tom Bellion, Director of the LCTO.

The 6,666 guided tours together comprise some 250,000 people who participated in a guided visit of Luxembourg City organised via the service « Guided Tours » and attest to the popularity of the capital as an entry point for tourists visiting the Grand Duchy.

The 6,666th tour was requested by the British agency “Great Rail Journeys” with its head office in York who have been organising escorted train excursions for more than 40 years and this on a worldwide basis.

The LCTO currently offers around twenty customizable guided tours and has been managing a network of 190 official guides able to accompany visitors in twenty-seven different languages.

All the programmes can be reserved via email at . A description of the tours and other useful information can be found on website


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